Summer at TheConceptBank!

This summer TheConceptBank is open to submissions again!

Please send your performance concept (150 words max.) to: summer@theconceptbank.org.
and don’t forget to include:
-your name,
-the name of the work and
-the year of production,
-a link to a website with professional information (just as a reference for the organisation).
Please understand we can only select your works if this information is included!
Deadline: September 21 2017, 23:59

Of course your work will always remain your property. 
You can, at any time, choose to withdraw it from TheConceptBank.

Theconceptbank.org is a non-profit initiative.
The use of the databank is free for everybody.
TheConceptBank is part of UnnoticedArt.com.

Photo: installation ‘Field of Joy’, © Yvo van der Vat 2017.

Denial as the leading principle

222lodge organises a night for short video-, sound- and textpieces
Friday October 6 at 20:00 at Cinema The Movies, Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

The program:

Albert Allgaier (AUT)
Anna Beata Baranska (POL)
Neno Belchev (BGR)
Jason Bernagozzi (USA)
Jacob Bertilsson (SWE)
Sarah Boulton (GBR)
Fair Brane (USA)
Evelin Brosi (BEL)
Osvaldo Cibils (URY)
Walker Citizen (ESP)
Nance Davies (USA)
Robert Ladislas Derr (USA)
Robert Dohrmann (USA)
Fran & Jim (FRA)
Thomas Geiger (DEU)
Marte Hodne Haugen (NOR)
Bill Hill (USA)
Ena Kielska (POL)
Sally Grizzell Larson (CAN)
Frans van Lent (NLD)
Jordan Marty (USA)
Andrew McNiven (GBR)
Richard Munaba (USA)
Moira Ness (CAN)
Heinrich Obst (BEL)
Alisa Oleva (RUS)
Joyce Overheul (NLD)
Nico Parlevliet (NLD)
Open Pirate (USA)
Manuela Porceddu (NLD)
Ellen Rodenberg (NLD)
Camomille de Rodríguez (ESP)
Damian von Rosemarín (ESP)
Heekyung Ryu (KOR)
The Unstitute (GBR)
ronnie s. (NLD)
Heath Schultz (USA)
Astris Seme (AUT)
Clinton Sleeper (USA)
Eda Sutunc (TUR)
Joel Swanson (USA)
Yvo van der Vat (NLD)
Barrett White (USA)